So, I had a fascinating conversation with my son the other night.  We were chilling in his bed talking about wisdom.  Basically what it is, how you would define it, and how you might apply it to some life situations.  We chatted also about how wisdom is worth much more than money and how seeking wisdom (good choices) is better than seeking money.  We continued to progress in the conversation, talking about an irony that exists with wisdom and money, and of course had to spend a good 10 minutes first explaining the word, irony.  🙂  Once we got back around to the topic of wisdom, we came to the ironic conclusion that often if one tries to go after money they will get neither money or wisdom; but often if one goes after wisdom they will get both wisdom and money (and know how to properly handle it.)  Not always of course, but often.  Regardless though, we neared the end of our conversation and concluded that still, even with no money, wisdom is worth more; and in his own words he summarized by saying, “because you can’t take money with you when you die, but you can take all the wisdom you want with you.”   I couldn’t have summed it up better myself.  🙂