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I Sing

To You O Lord I sing my song I sing my song of praise For who You are For what You’ve done My voice to You I raise   Bless You Bless You Hallelujah glory be You are the only One Who ever and always sets me free  ...

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Israel O Israel Mother of Messiah He has not left you alone He has not forgotten you Yet once more He will bring you out To a place He has prepared for you in the wilderness When you flee the city you love Do not be dismayed As...

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In His Way

Bless the Lord Oh my soul For He has kept me in His way. A voice beside me, before me, behind me He has led me all the way. Each day I awake and call on Your name And you never fail to be found. You are faithful, true, just, and...

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But Him Alone

Who is good, But Him alone. Who has decided what is good, But Him alone. Who knows all things to know what is good, But Him alone. Who can see all things to judge what is good, But Him alone. Who has power over all things to...

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The Bride

O sweet Lord, savior divine Who are we to receive a love so fine? Righteous and true in all you do And we so far away from being like You. Yet You think of us, care for us, Guide us, and groom For a purpose that’s Yours,...

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You Know Me

O Lord, You know me. You know who I was and who I now am. You know because You have made me. You have guided my steps and shown me Your ways, You have taught me truth and delivered me from false hands. You have given me joy,...

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Hallelujah says the man Who has been made known Of Your eternal plan, Who engages and abides, Listens and decides. He will stand, He will run, He will fly upon the clouds. With glory all will see What You have caused him To be....

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The One

Thank You father For this day. As we go May it be in Your way. Grant us Your grace And all else we need, Keep us from bad And the actors seed. From above rain down Knowledge and peace, That Your love in us Would never cease. You...

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You O Lord

You O Lord Are king of all Maker of all that is. By You O Lord Nations rise and fall And all do as You bid. The sun will burn out The moon lose its light But You O Lord will remain, All will disappear All will be made new But...

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The Disciple’s Song