Author: Chad Boersema

I Sing

To You O Lord I sing my song I sing my song of praise For who You are For what You’ve done My voice to You I raise   Bless You Bless You Hallelujah glory be You are the only One Who ever and always sets me free   Sing all you people Nations praise His name Humble yourself now Lest His coming bring you...

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What’s Underneath?

I recently dug up this picture from a hike I went on soon after a number of rain falls in L.A. The rain had exposed some beautiful sediment layers under the normal brown dusty path. I thought, who knew that was underneath the path we constantly walk. We’ve also recently engaged in a new place to live and am realizing what’s underneath the house is incredibly important to the health of the house when it comes to earthquake preparedness. So to the point… much of what we walk around looking at is the facade of things and not all...

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Israel O Israel Mother of Messiah He has not left you alone He has not forgotten you Yet once more He will bring you out To a place He has prepared for you in the wilderness When you flee the city you love Do not be dismayed As He parted the sea before you long ago So He will part the mountain before you And show you once again His power and might Only this time do not grumble as you did in the desert Worship Him in the wilderness Wait on the Lord and give Him your praise He is not now long in coming And your final salvation draws...

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The Disciple’s Song