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Author: Chad Boersema

The Turning Point

Have you ever had a turning point in your life? Sure, maybe one that has been forced upon you, right? Been laid off, betrayed, bamboozled (that’s kind of a neat word) 🙂 But have you ever made a conscious, considered, even cosmic turn? One that took you beyond the mundane and into an unknown adventure? A turn that just seemed to resonate with purpose, passion, and power behind it? That’s what I imagine in this kind of turn (quote below.) Abraham entered into what God was doing for him, and that was the turning point. ~ Paul ← Observing...

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Engrossed in the wonder of Hot Wheels and art, he took this in for over an hour without saying a word, just observing from different angles.  He’d stand in one place for a while, then move to another, then lay on the floor, then lean over.  Many times things go by too fast in life.  Take some time to observe and really see whatís in front of you. ← Take The Next Step The Turning Point...

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Take The Next Step

What challenges or opportunities are you facing in life right now?  They can be daunting and overwhelming, can’t they?  Break them into small steps and take them one at a time.  Find a small step you can make today and take it, then another tomorrow.  Before you know it you’ll have reached the top and you’ll need to find another goal to set. Observing...

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