Author: Chad Boersema

But Him Alone

Who is good, But Him alone. Who has decided what is good, But Him alone. Who knows all things to know what is good, But Him alone. Who can see all things to judge what is good, But Him alone. Who has power over all things to...

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The Bride

O sweet Lord, savior divine Who are we to receive a love so fine? Righteous and true in all you do And we so far away from being like You. Yet You think of us, care for us, Guide us, and groom For a purpose that’s Yours,...

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You Know Me

O Lord, You know me. You know who I was and who I now am. You know because You have made me. You have guided my steps and shown me Your ways, You have taught me truth and delivered me from false hands. You have given me joy,...

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Hallelujah says the man Who has been made known Of Your eternal plan, Who engages and abides, Listens and decides. He will stand, He will run, He will fly upon the clouds. With glory all will see What You have caused him To be....

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The Disciple’s Song